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9/07/2016Bevan Adamson
Order was placed Friday late morning, wood arrives 9:30am Saturday. Fast efficient service. Fantastic!
9/07/2016Bevan Adamson
Order was placed Friday late morning, wood arrives 9:30am Saturday. Fast efficient service. Fantastic!
26/06/2016W Gordon
Thanks Oleg - you are a master! Auckland put on a shocking wet day but the precision and skill displayed by you and your vehicle on what was a challenging extraction and delivery were superb!
21/12/2015Igor Uhonsson
Good job! Thanks a lot!
29/04/2015Sally Hirst
Great firewood, thank you for delivering the size logs I requested. Pleased I got my delivery early March as it is very dry. Good value as well.
Thank you for our wood! Great service and communication.
20/04/2015Glen Bawden
Thank you for my firewood delivery this morning. Your representative was very careful and helpful, going to a good deal of trouble to leave the large bags in the most convenient position for me to use them. Excellent service, pleasantly delivered. Regards, Glen Bawden.
15/11/2014Ross McGuigan
Oleg and his driver moved a 400kg spa pool from a limited access property in Pakuranga and delivered it over a fence to our property with their small Hiab. Did a great job, no fuss, and prompt, Very happy with price and service, would happily use them again. Thanks guys.
The wood is clean, dry and delivery right on time and the wood is also cut really evenly love dealing with them. Friendly to
We really appreciate your great service. Oleg and the team do a great job and deliver a great product. Highly recommend. Thank you once again.
i actually live like 500m from your location, would like to buy this but wife lost key to garage (pad lock) you wouldn't have the tools to cut a pad lock when you deliver would you? so i would have some place to store the wood....
12/07/2014Terry Fels
WOW, what excellent service & product & price. I was concerned about the wood being wet as it had rained the whole week prior to delivery, but I was pleasantly surprised that the wood was dry & that I was able to use it that same day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
excellent quality wood, good value and very dry excellent service and delivery highly recommend
4/05/2014Grant Hawthorne
Hello Oleg, I have bought firewood from you for several years and have always been happy with your service and product. Yesterday I received 2 bags of Ti-tree and it was the best yet. It was very clean, dry, dense (no rot) and really well cut. The bags were packed tightly so I feel I got a very good deal. Thank you. 72 Aeroview Drive
Great service. The wood was great last year and this year looks even better. Thanks you Oleg
25/03/2014 ishmael
Very very happy. Highly recommended and can't thank you enough for great service! Very friendly delivery staff. Thanks again Oleg. - Cheers
Hi Oleg Demitry has dropped the gum wood off…he was brilliant, professional and such dry, quality wood :-)) Much appreciated. Look forward to staying in touch. Thanks again. Mei
4/09/2013Jenny Cozens
Hello Oleg, and The Firewood team, Just a quick message to let you know that I am very happy with my two bags of firewood, and I would like to thank you all very much, for your most excellent and prompt service! You also have a great driver, he deserves a medal! Not an easy task to get his large truck down our driveway, but he did it well, and much to the great enjoyment of my baby grand-daughter Ariadne (and of course the older ones as well ) - placed the large bags of firewood well out of the way of the main thoroughfare on our driveway. Am enjoying using the firewood now - have a lovely cosy fire burning, and I will most certainly be happy to buy more firewood from you, as the need arises. Hope you all have a great afternoon/evening. Kind regards, Jenni Cozens
21/08/2013Alistair & Catherine
Hi Oleg Just a quick note to say a big “Thank You”. We’re so pleased with the firewood you delivered during the weekend. It lights so well and is tinder dry. We really appreciate that you were able to do that for us, especially given that it’s the middle of winter – your busiest time. We look forward to continuing to use your wonderful service and will recommend you to others. Kindest regards, Alistair & Catherine
Hi Oleg. Just looking at your website and noticed a quote you are using from Dr Patrick Moore ( I think the point he was making is it is better to use wood to build and manufacture things rather than metal, plastic or concrete. In this way the carbon is captured as he points out: ' Wooden furniture made in the Elizabethan era still holds the carbon fixed hundreds of years ago'. He goes on to say that : ''When a tree rots or burns, the carbon in the wood is released to the atmosphere.' Now I'm wanting to buy wood to heat my home so I appreciate your business. I would just like you to better understand what Davis Moore was trying to say. I don't think in this article he is supporting the burning of wood.
Have been a customer for 5 or 6 yrs & have always been very happy with the service & product . This winter I did have an issue with the small size of wood & also with your reluctance to look at the wood (we are only 5mins away from your yard.) Finally your driver delivered half a bag of huge pieces of firewood, thank you you have kept one happy customer .
12/07/2013S. Misa
Many thanks for good wood. Size of pieces fine and dry and easy to handle. Like the delivery system too it's very convenient.Thanks again.
12/07/2013S. Misa
Many thanks for good wood. Size of pieces fine and dry and easy to handle. Like the delivery system too it's very convenient.Thanks again.
Make sure you ask for Lge pieces as I eneded up with a brunch of twigs
Great firewood! Really good quality, dry firewood. Prompt delivery, and even though it was pouring with rain they delivered to end of the driveway - unlike another provider who just dumped it on the street. These guys are really great. Will definitely be getting all my firewood from here.
Thank you for your prompt and efficient service. The bags are great and we couldnt have asked you to be any easier to deal with. Will be bookmarking you for our next delivery.
Wood was delivered early by a gentleman. Crane was awesome, wood burns GREAT. Customer for life.
Hi, We ordered 4 bags in total (3 of ti-tree and 1 of split pine), it was delivered last Saturday morning - the 25th May. We knew that it had rained that morning, so realised that the wood might be a bit rain wet at the top of the bags, however on unloading the bags we have discovered it is totally saturated. And in fact when my husband split on of the logs it is wet all the way through. Not good quality wood this year. It wouldn't be a problem except that you say it is dry wood. Not what you indicated you were selling. Feel let down and very disappointed.
Ordered at 11pm Friday evening and the wood was delivered 10am Saturday morning! Excellent wood and service. Thank you!
7/05/2013John A
The delivery guy was awesome, pouring with rain and he managed to place the huge bags into the carport. I stacked the T Tree & Pine in the car port and it was totally dry. First time customer and will definitely be buying from these guys again. Highly recommend.
Dear The Boss at the Firewood Company : Monday the sixth of May 2013. Some essential feedback : The delivery truck was very hip. The advertised as very dry wood (macracarpa) was quite wet and is still smoky after being laid out in a dry sunny room. The 1 meter bag was 70% full and the wood was mostly in unmanagably large blocks : blocks too large for my good standard sized europen hatchet to chop, and chunky enough to make the load less again than advertised. This is a disappointing experience and i am writing this letter to you on the urging of my friends . I have product, but not what you advertised, nor what I ordered and paid for . I'm cross about this and the amount of effort it is requiring to make a fire ! , this was going to be a happy purchase but it's not. I could never honestly recommend your company. That's a sad thing to have to say. Yours sincerely, Viki.
5/05/2013John A
Awesome service from the delivery of the firewood. Pouring with rain and he was able to unload and wheel into the car port.I unloaded the wood to stack into pile and even thou it was solidly pouring with rain, both the pine off cuts & t tree were dry. First time customer and will highly reccomend.
5/05/2013John A
Awesome service from the delivery of the firewood. Pouring with rain and he was able to unload and wheel into the car port.I unloaded the wood to stack into pile and even thou it was solidly pouring with rain, both the pine off cuts & t tree were dry. First time customer and will highly reccomend.
5/05/2013John A
Awesome service from the delivery of the firewood. Pouring with rain and he was able to unload and wheel into the car port.I unloaded the wood to stack into pile and even thou it was solidly pouring with rain, both the pine off cuts & t tree were dry. First time customer and will highly reccomend.
3/03/2013Kate Jones
Hi Oleg, For the past 5 winters we have been buying your wood – you offer a fantastic service and the wood has always been dry. We are moving house and do not have a wood burner in our next place L. We have 3 of your bags here in our garage and I was wondering if you wanted to pick them up on the way past one day?
Fantastic Service - we have a very hard garage to get into and they got it in fine (with some hard work!) - awesome work recommended happily and will use over and over again!
Hi, I am buying a bag of gum as well please and don't need the bags. Could you please dump them on the lawn by the driveway? My house is the brick one with all the sunflowers. Thank you, great product and service, i brought a couple of bags last year and was very happy. Cheers. Jim.
Good morning Oleg, Absolutely brilliant firewood thanks. I have 4 grandchildren staying, aged 13 to 5, so put them to work as 'slaves' and we almost got it stacked away before the sun got too hot. Again many thanks Dick
These guys are seriously Number 1 in Auckland, great wood and great service cheers!
9/09/2012John Tucker
Hi Oleg Being a first time Customer in March 2012, and having burnt your wood throughout winter, I can honestly say the Bag of cut Pine and bag of cut Gum I purchased, was the best Firewood I have ever used. The quality of you service and product (easy to light), with an excellent web-site, make the 3 traditional kiwi companys I previously used look very much behind the times. The lack of waste such as broken bark, and ease of stacking due to regular shapes and sizes, meant handling was easier and much less storage space was taken in my shed. Thanks again. John
31/07/2012Tim and Kitty Lester
Hi, We would like to thank you and commend your boy on the fine job he did splitting the firewood for us. It was an efficient, tidy and good job. Kind Regards, Tim and Kitty Lester
Hi Oleg I really appreciate that you changed the wood. The new wood is really nice and has even a nice smell. My son has asthma so this new wood has made a huge difference. Thanks again Gaby
Hi Oleg Many thanks for great service, and thanks also for resiting the previous container, much appreciated. cheers Heather
Awesome service, your delivery team not only dropped off a new bag and removed the old one, but the driver then took the time to cover the new bag with a tarpoline that was near by to keep out the rain, this was my third delivery and the service has been outstanding every time. Many thanks.
A very big Thank you very much. Very happy with the wood. [:D] [:D]
Hi Oleg, we are very happy to have a consistently good quality product and good service/delivery from your business over recent years. It works well. As you may have guessed in the past, I am American and we have lived here since 1999, permanent residents now. We have enjoyed most aspects of NZ life. But good customer service has only begun to improve, and in some cases excel, in this country in the past 2-3 years. It’s a good thing and may I sincerely say, you have obviously taken this as your motto. Plus, your product is what you say it is, also important. I should also add that good customer service is a constant challenge for American businesses throughout their nation. So I don’t want to put NZ down. It’s a challenge in all countries. So I/we wish you well and good success for many years to come. One other thing. The fellow who mows our grass and has a wider contract with Harcourt’s for their rental properties asked about your bags of wood yesterday. He saw your wood, the old pine, pine cut offs and ti tree and immediately said, ‘that’s dry!!’. He had searched online and in the Yellow Pages and saw many suppliers, but did not know how to choose. So he may be in touch soon. I gave him all of your contact details, website, pricing, etc. All the best, my friend, Jeff
Excellent thanks! Manuka costs the most but burns slowly and is worth the money. Even the rain wet wood still burns perfectly well when started with the faster burning stuff. Really happy with the wood thanks
Thanks, wood been delivered, fantastic service and very pleasant delivery person! I have got two of your bags and will return them once the wood has been stacked.
Just a note to say many thanks for your great service to my mother. She is really enjoying her nights by her fire with your firewood keeping her very warm. She says 2-3 logs last all evening an put out a huge amount of heat. You have made an old lady very cosy and happy. Thanks.
Fantastic service from this company, efficient and condition of wood brillant-I would definitely use this company again.Thank you Oleg 8)
Hi, I bought firewood from you, gum and pine, which I have just started to use and would like to say is one of the best lots of firewood I have come across. True to your word, will buy from you evey winter, Thanks....
25/03/2012John T
Fantastic! Just delivered at 6:45am exactly on time.. Quick smooth drop off right where I wanted it, didn't even wake the neighbours. Highly recommend to all, great business to deal with - Many thanks, John
14/03/2012Piotr Jasica
Just popped my order in for this years wood. These guys have provided us with wood for the last 6 winters at least and one thing stands out - They are consistant. I have dealt with other providers previously who just could provide the same service, be it price, quality or just good old fashioned customer services - these guys win hands down. Some of these other operators could learn a thing or two from this outfit. Cheers Guys for leading the way.
19 Oct The gum wood was rain wet, as advised. It took a bit longer than expected to dry out, but once it did, it was good burning. The owner is right - buy some pine too!!! Once we got some pine the fire went really well. Glad we got a bit more wood to see us through the few more chilly days. Lovely service. Thanks!
Thanks for the great trade. Fast contact and delivery. Wood as described. :-)
27/01/2012Raewyn Coley
Thanks so much for great service & quality wood we r an older couple , olds this is the place for service and quality . Raewyn
Wow! you guyz rock if there ws an Award for Fire Wood service of Excellence!! you guys would Win all the time everytime, Thankyou so much....we will have Top Quality Hangi because of the The Fire Wood Company Auckland,I would recommend The Fire Wood Company Auckland to Everyone, Absolute Proffesionals.
We were thrilled when our firewood was delivered on a Sunday morning - a great surprise. We has been waiting 2 weeks for an order that never came from another company (NOT The Firewood) who had gone into receivership. We ordered through The Firewood & got our wood only a few days later - fantastic service. Great firewood.
12/08/2011Howard Norton
Great service. With a tricky site we got the wood down no problem. The wood (gum and pine) was very dry - have been very warm this winter!
hi oleg just wanting to say thanks so much for the wood. im very happy with the product and your communication with me in the delivery. the service i recieved from the gentleman that delivers the wood is A +. what a pleasant surprize to meet such friendly warming individuals kind regards ana
I would have to say this is the best wood I have bought in 5 years of buying firewood. THANKS so much for saving me moving it all - the mobile truck crane got it to exactly where we needed it! :-)
Oleg is an honest trader and the quantity of wood delivered easily exceeded measurements. The Gum is top quality.
Best firewood ever, highly recommend. Quick easy delivery and good communication, will get all my firewood from this trader from now on
Thanks so much for wonderful service. Order by email and delivered next day. Quantity looks great and the quality of the wood is high. Really appreciate your service. Regards Wollaston family
Hi Oleg, Yesterday we received a bag of pine and a bag of gum. We are extremely happy with the quality of the wood and the service you provided. Thanks for getting us the wood quickly, on time and providing very good value. Cheers, Stu
sori tuk me so lng 2 put feed bk.thort i already dd sori:).gr8 trade.wil trade wiv again 4 sure :)
All good. Wood is dry and good value.
Very good communication and service, thanks!
delivered in time day and time said! Good trade.Thanks
Good trade. Driver put wood exactly where I asked. Thanks for that.
We use "The Firewood" every year. Just had a load of pine and gum dropped off this morning, looks good too. Oleg is always pleasant and professional and tips the wood exactly where we want it. He really is just like Santa Claus, delivering once a year. See you next year : )
About Kauri firewood:very happy with my purchase, recommend to all and hope to trade again soon. thanks
EXCELLENT service! Quick to make contact & delivery, used them last year also, definately recommend this trader
Good Trader! Buy wood, burn wood, now I am hot!
Great firewood; well seasoned and sized. Used these guys last year and will continue to do so.
I am very pleased with this company. They went the extra distance to ensure the firewood was placed as close to our firewood box as possible. I hightly recommend them and would certainly buy from them again.
18/03/2011Kate Jones
Fabulous wood and fabulous service. A+++ all the way! Thank-you so much.
Holy Hannahs!!! A+, will definitely keep you on my favourites. Thanks!! :-))
7/03/2011Brendan Rawson
Oleg great service and good wood thanks
Highly recomeded, prompt friendly service and great clean wood
Hi Oleg, wood looks nice and dry Thanks for the delivery kind regards john
Very good - they seem very organized!
Great delivery, hoisted our wood over the fence to very near where it gets stacked this saved us loads of time. Wood looks good, some big bits of pine but dry so we can split easily. THANKS!
Great trade. I was able to add to my order. There was also prompt delivery and great advice about firewood. Would trade again!
Hi Oleg - thanks for the super fast delivery - awesome. Wood looks great again! Regards, Richard
Fantastic service and fast delivery I will definately be recomending you to others. The wood is the best I have ever ordered and your website is great and easy to use. I will be getting my wood through you again. Thankyou.
Great trade, just what we were after thanks very much.
A record for closing a sale - within 10 minutes I received a phone call and within 2 hours I received delivery of product. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!
great wood great trade thank you will do business again
Great trader! Nice product, fast, easy to communicate Recommended to all! Thanks!
Great wood, very clean and dry,quick delivery. Thnaks
Great wood, very clean and dry,quick delivery. Thnaks
Very happy with the service provided by this company, excellent product and quality, dry firewood. Delivery happened the very next day.
Excellent. Prompt delivery, friendly service, good firewood
Great vendor, firewood is of good quality and delivery was prompt, A

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